Why a new website ?

Our first website, was created in 2010 and it was designed by specialists for the use of specialists. Moreover, the files and  tools that have been given to us do not allow us to maintain it. 

We also want that members as well as owners be able to use it interactively. The members, who update information, are, moreover, volunteers and the office is regularly renewed. It is therefore important to be able to guarantee a continuity in the updating of our website.

We also need to change the structure of the site to make it both user-friendly and useful. We also must take into account the new ways of consulting the net. For example, in 2016, more pages were accessed from smartphones or tablets than from fixed computers or laptops. Sites must then be adapted to these new technologies. 

For all these reasons, we have decided to turn to WordPress which is a very widespread and highly scalable site management tool. It will be adapted to the evolving needs of our ASA.

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