An initiative to be encouraged

A part of Mr. Olivier’s plot, who took care of protecting his replanted trees.

The owner of the Villa L’Aiglon, Mr. Jean-Pierre Olivier, took a good initiative several years ago which needs to be mentioned. It concerns the plantation of trees in a part of his land, which was left abandoned for a while.

Planting trees

Dirt of all kind was regularly thrown from the road into this part of his plot by persons walking along. So, Mr. Olivier took the initiative and cleaned the plot. Next, he planted new trees, basically the types found in Bois de Cise: chestnut, lime trees, oaks … and an acacia for the bees, which grows well, particularly on banks. He told us that he was well informed by the tree nursery Crété at Lafréguimont -Saint-Martin (80), specialized in reforestation. While his Acacia proved to be a very interesting tree to be planted here, it is not necessarily so for his oaks, who died pretty quick. He confirmed us that he’ll replant some as soon as possible and wil closely follow the instructions and advice he gets.

Recommendation for reforestation

The ASA is encouraging everyone to replant trees. Especially now when large number of trees have been downed by the storm.

Mr. Valengin, expert in foresting, wil be visiting the Bois de Cise next June. You’re invited to join now the list of the owners who would like him to come and give advice and information.

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