Collecting wood after the storm

Bois de chauffage
The storm of January 2017 has had a significant impact in the Bois de Cise as  photos on the website can attest it. Many trees were blowned down by the wind and we could see many broken branches on the ground.

New Practice

In the near past, some members of the bureau “structually” provided their services to the owners in order to clear the wood which they kept for their own use.
Although done with good intentions, this practice was problematic. It gave an exclusivity to the members of the bureau that their function did not justify.

ASA Wood Recovery

In October 2016, the ASA hired an employee, Vincent Cote,  to maintain paths and trails and for minor works. After the storm, we contacted the second-home owners  to inform them of the damages caused to their parcels of land. On demand, we offered the services of our employee to clear their properties of broken trees and branches. The wood thus recovered was then transported, cut and split by Vincent and volunteers.

Redistribution of wood

At the ASA meeting on February 11th 2017, the decision of offering this firewood to the owners who requested it, was unanimously taken.
People, who want to obtain timber, must apply to the ASA. The allocations will be granted in the order of receipt of the requests and will be limited to 1 stere per owner, within the limits of the available quantities.

The wood will be exchanged for a gift in favor of the ASA of € 40,=for a carried-away stere ,  and € 50,=for a stere delivered in Bois de Cise.

Through this action, we want to combine usefulness by offering a service to the owners with the help of our employee accompanied by volunteers, with the pleasant exchange of this resource to improve the functioning of our ASA in a spirit of equity and transparency.

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