Poetic bench

Post published in the “Courrier Picard” of 13/11/2016 written byV. HERY

The ASA has proposed the adoption of public benches..

Georges Brassens sang the public benches and their lovers. The ASA now proposes to adopt them! An idea both original and unusual that could meet his little success.
“We decided to link this initiative with the label “Village in poetry “that was obtained by Ault, the only commune of the Hauts-de-France to be honored”  Sylvie Macquet and Michel Wagon of the ASA declared. About thirty benches scattered around the site await adoption. Their sponsors will have to choose a poetic verse that will be inscribed on a plaque affixed on the bench, with the name of the adopter and that of his villa. The owners of the wood have priority: “They will have priority, but they are not the only ones to be able to adopt a bench”, Sylvie Macquet adds. Wood enthusiasts can also embark on the adventure. One thing is certain, some benches are likely to be more successful than others, especially those located in close proximity to the sea. One resident also told me that she wanted to reserve the one that is right in front of her house. And I think of adopting one in a place I particularly like, “the president of the ASA said. To become an adopter, you have to pay one hundred Euros for three years. You will have to add thirty Euros for the realization of the plate. “Maintenance of the benches is of course the responsibility of the ASA” the designers of the project added.

«Poems by Victor Hugo, who came to Ault, can be chosen to enhance the site»

Once the localization of the “adopter” has been validated, it will still be necessary to find the verse of poetry to be engraved. The ASA leaves the adoptive parents free choice, but can make proposals for verses related to the sea and the forest. “Victor Hugo’s poems, which came to Ault, can be chosen to enhance the site.” If everything goes well, a first ceremony should take place by Christmas with the adopters to unveil the first plates.

Efforts to maintain the site

Since taking office last summer, the new office of the Authorized Trade Union Association has been working. It has now hired an employee, who is graduated in horticulture. His salary is subsidized to 70% by the Department. The massifs at the entrance of the site and the Pine road have been redesigned to promote the safety of motorists and pedestrians. “All necessary concrete planters have been removed and replaced by shrubs,” Sylvie Macquet adds. She now wishes to improve the signaling of street names in order to avoid certain inconveniences: “Four recent interventions by firefighters have been delayed due to a lack of signs. A request was made by the ASA to the city of Ault to finance the acquisition.